Club kit – sale on

A quick reminder that while club kit is selling in our online store, we still have some “old” kit on hand – and it’s being sold at a good discount. A limited range of sizes is available.

  • Sweatshirt: £11.20
  • Hoodies: £12.48
  • Zoodies: £13.20
  • Polos unisex: £12.24
  • Polos ladies: £12.24
  • T-shirts: £8.64

Keith is organising this, so email him directly to find out what’s still available.

The Superlogo store offers a wider range of kit, including fleeces, waterproof jackets and bags.  Some  clothing is only available in unisex sizes, but we have been able to offer women’s-fit hoodies, and some items in youth sizes for our smaller rowers.

The shop is an experiment initially.  Prices are more expensive, but this is in the context of a very affordable membership fee.  You can order directly, so we do away with the need for someone to manage orders and also avoid club funds being tied up in kit. The Club doesn’t receive any income from kit sales.

New kit – ladies fit full-zip fleece