No shed access Wed 31 Aug – Fri 02 Sept

Club captain Marianne writes: The Marina have been in touch to let me know that the waterfront area from our Shed past Haggis Homes to Coast to Coast Rigging is going to be used for filming from Wednesday 31 Aug to Friday 02 September, inclusive.

Having spoken with Eileen, Mike and Anne P, I’ve decided to suspend rowing for the period of filming.  The side of our Shed facing the water will be part of an area dressed as a down-at-heel garden centre (yeah, I know….).  Given the people and equipment that will be in the area to support filming, it won’t be practical to do our normal activities. The businesses affected will have to be accommodated, so the best thing is for us to be out of the way.

I’m assured that the Shed will be left as it is after filming. The Club won’t be receiving any donations, and there won’t be any opporchancities to promote the club or rowing. We will, however, get a warm fuzzy feeling from being a good neighbour and helpful to our landlord! 

Not QRC’s first brush with film crews… back in 2016, the Maid and crew had a starring role in a Channel 5 documentary about the Forth Bridge.

Any questions, let me know, but unless the filming schedule changes, the Shed won’t be accessible and rowing will be suspended during the dates above.  

Back on Saturday 03 Sept as usual though!