ON THIS DAY – Episode 9

Continuing the as-it-happened story of how our club was born, ten years ago. 

Mike McD writes: We got the key for the vacant unit next to Scotmid (now divided into the vet’s and Barnardo’s charity shop) on 31 August, with just time to organise an inspection and clear up, because on 3 September, the kit arrived (see picture).

The project team had held their 4th meeting in mid August when it was reported that further donations – £200 from Seakist Antiques, and £100 each from John Howell and ‘Ferrie Scarie’, the ghost walk – had brought our total to £720 – sufficient to pay the final installment to Alec Jordan.

So things were really starting to move. We agreed on the need for more publicity – an official hand-over of the premises to start with, and a whole list of possible fundraising activities. We were lucky – with Agilent leaving Queensferry, we obtained a large number of tables and chairs, as well as a metal workbench (Yes, the one in the shed!).

Not to forget the rowing, we had been invited to enter a mixed team for the Traditional Boat Festival at North Queensferry on 11 September.