Update on Club Activities

Marianne and Dónal write: Following the latest announcement from the Scottish Government, it’s expected that we will shortly return to a Levels system.  

The City of Edinburgh is likely to move to Level 3.  Under the current rules, because rowing is classed as an outdoor contact sport, for rowing for those ages 18+ to take place, the City of Edinburgh needs to be in Level 2.  It may be that the details of what is allowed under each level will change, but at this time it’s hard to see general rowing taking place before the end of April.

As ever, the Covid group will keep an eye on things and take advice from the SCRA with a view to getting back on the water at the earliest safe opportunity. 
Your Committee are being as positive as possible.  We’ve been looking at the 2021 regatta and event programme in the hope that we might be able to resume that fun aspect of our sport.  Time will tell.  The priority, as it is for all clubs, will be to get members back on our home waters.

Social rowing in February 2020

Meanwhile, the Saturday morning Virtual Shed continues, and I know some of us have enjoyed the series of virtual seamanship talks and lectures run by Elie and Earlsferry, and one on the Isle of May through the Seabird Centre.  Some of us have taken on British Rowing’s ROW31 programme and had so much fun (anyone for more side planks?😩), we’re doing it all again! 

 Of course, there’s been the wonderful sea shanty collaboration, the club WhatsApp group, and many of you will be keeping in touch with each other in your own ways. Beth’s Marching in March challenge has got off to a cracking start with well over 200 miles being recorded already, so let’s see how far we can go with that!   We have another fun virtual event coming up, but more on that later… It’s a lovely day, so get out there, do some miles for Beth and enjoy the first signs of Spring!  Stay safe.